Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Gurus of Peace - A.R. Rahman and Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

Song: Gurus of Peace
Album: Vande Mataram
Artist: A.R. Rahman and Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

In 1997, India's most popular composer released a series of songs for India's 50th Independence Anniversary.  The album, Vande Mataram, contained nine patriotic songs, one of which grew to be the second most well known song in the world (Vande Mataram, The BBC's Top 10 Songs).  The song below refers to the division of the people of India in 1947 into the countries India and Pakistan, and the fighting that still exists between the two countries today.

English Translation 
Shine on sunshine, shine on blue skies
Sunshine break the cloud, blue skies breaking out (4x)

Chanda suraj lakhon taare, hai jab tere hi yeh saare 
When the moon, sun, and thousands of stars are all yours
Kis baat par hoti hai phir takrare...
Then why are we fighting?
Khinchi hai lakire is zameen pe par na khincho dekho 
We have drawn lines on the ground but let's not draw
Beech mein do dilon ke yeh deewarein 
walls dividing two hearts.
Duniya me kahin bhi, dard se koyi bhi…
Duniya me kahin bhi, dard se koyi bhi 
anywhere in the world, when anyone in this world
Thadpe to humko yahan pe 
suffers in pain, then we too
Ehsaas uske zakhmon ka ho ke 
feel the pain of his wounds and
Apna bhi dil bhar bhar aaye roye aankhein 
our own heart also becomes heavy and our eyes weep.
What are you waiting for, another day another dawn,
Somewhere we have to find a new way to peace
What are you waiting for another sign another call,
Somewhere we have to find a new way to peace

Doori kyon dilo me rahe phasle kyu badte rahe 
why does distance remain in our hearts, why do the distances keep growing
Pyari hai zindagi hai pyaara jahan 
life is lovely, the world is lovely
Rishte badi mushkilo se 
Relationships, with lots of effort
bante hai yahaan pe lekin 
are built here, but
tootne ke liye bas ek hi lamha 
it only takes a moment to break them
Ishq dawaa hai har ek dard ki 
love is the cure for every pain
Zanjeer ishq hai har ek rishte ki 
love is the tie that binds all relationships
Ishq saari hadhon ko tod daale 
love surpasses all borders
Ishq to duniya ko pal me mita bhi de 
love can destroy the world a moment
Ishq hai jo saare jahaan ko aman bhi de 
love can bring peace to the whole world
Ronaq ishq se hai saare aalam ki… 
love lights up the universe…


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